My husband and I have been using NeoFlexcin for only a short while and we LOVE IT, as a cooling/heating moisturizer, Pain Reliever and the smell is invigorating and seems to clear out the head and sinus. We just got back from the Grand Canyon where my husband does a yearly " Rim to Rim " hike...24 miles... He is aging and knows the aches and pains that he will be enduring through those 24 miles and for a few days after (he's hiked it almost 20 times throught the years). So this year he saturated his legs,feet, and back with NeoFlexcin before leaving early Saturday morning and then he used it again after his post hike shower (9 hours later). He said it seems to have helped the soreness ALOT! He was confident that it would help as he had been using it for a few weeks before and after training as he prepared for the hike. I have been using it for OA PAIN in the knees, neck, and hands... I LOVE IT!!!! I also like the fact that it is ALL NATURAL and can be used often ! Thanks,

D. Goodwoman, Mesa Az.

I am a licensed Chiropractor and the owner of Morehead City Chiropractic Center located in Morehead City,NC. I was introduced to NeoFlexcin by another Chiropractor in our area and have used the product numerous times on my patients. I must say that I am very impressed with the results,and acceptance of Neoflexcin by my clientele. I am interested in utilizing NeoFlexcin as my main chiropractic media, both for Spinal manipulation and as a coupler for ultra Sound Therapy. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I may discuss with you any additional products you may offer, get additional information on NeoFlexcin and to place an order for my clinic. I am very impressed with the results and additional therapeutic benefits that NeoFlexcin provides my patients. Thank you

Dr. Josh Race, DC

I am pleased to give my opinion of a new product on the market called "Neoflexcin". I used the product extensively in my clinic with amazing results. The patients loved the product and got amazing and fast results. The product is, in my opinion,far superior to the leading products in clinics and over the counter. The ingredients far exceed the other products which accounts for the quick results. There is no risk of burns using Neoflexcin and the product is safe. Pain is: reduced,range of motion is increased, and the patients are happier with the use of Neoflexcin far more than they are with the other brands. I highly recommend Neofexcin to my patients, other doctors, and to the general public.

Robert (Bob) W. Pettis MD, DC,

I thought I should write to inform you that your pain relief cream, NeoFlexcin certainly has made me a believer. It really does an amazing job on relieving my aches and pains. I love tennis and golf,but had to limit my play due to the pains in my hands, joints and back. The pain from playing a set of trennis or a round of golf used put me down for hours and sometimes days. My Chiropractor used it on me during my last visit and I was amazed that after only one application of NeoFlexcin the pain was virtually gone. I purchased a tube and that is the end of the story and more especially the terrible pain. I now use your Neoflexcin in the morning and at bedtime, or before a match With regularity. I even keep a tube in my golf bag just in case. Now, I am able to play better and I don't worry so much about pain. I can play a full round of Golf or complete match of tennis without the painful limping and hours of pain afterwards. Thanks, Neoflexcin is a great product and I can assure you I will continue to use it for years to come.

D. Harsch, Palm Harbor, FL

I don't have many aches and pains except for my lower back. I tried NeoFlexcin for my lower back pain at bedtime and it did the job. I also wanted to let you know that I took it on my golfing odessey with a friend and Ed used the NeoFlexcin almost everynight along his regular pills. We only missed one day of golf the entire trip. I hope this is some value to you.

Tony B. Emerald Isle, NC

I have been using NeoFlexcin to help with my neck and back pain. I am a retired chiropractor, and I believe NeoFlexcin would be is an excellent adjunct to chiropractic adjustments and other procedures. I have used NeoFlexcin as recommended in the packaging with the product and started to feel significant inprovements within 3 days of using the product. I have recommended NeoFlexcin to several of my friends who are still practicing chiropractic, and they have reported great patient results and satisfaction. This product is well worth the few extra dollars in price. Additionally,I recently attended a fund raiseing kayak race for "Hope for the Warriors, and was was impressed to see that the company Greystone Labs had DONATED a case of NeoFlexcin to the Wounded Warriors who participated in the race event as well as a small sample bottle to each of the 200 racers who participated in the race. I like doing business with a company that has a sense of community & country pride. My only regret is that NeoFlexcin was not on the market while I was in practice, WEP Morehead Ctiy, NC June 24, 2014

WEP Morehead City, NC

I started using NeoFlexcin as part of my pain management post spinal surgery. The application of the soothing creme easies muscle tension and feels so good. The cooling effects are very pleasent, unlike the cheaper products. NeoFlexcin seems to increase the effectiveness of my pain meds as well. The scent is pleasent and not overpoweringas are other products. Its a great product,and performs better than any other products I have tried. I just want to add that that I like NeoFlexcin very much. I find that if I have a particularly challenging day at work and my back is achingmore than usual I reach for the NeoFlexcin. I keep it by my bed for convenience. I haven't had it used on me by a phsical therapist, but I would without hesitation. I haven't had any adverse reactions to it. It doesn't burn like the other products did if you used it to excess. It just has a pleasent glow. It doesn't stain, which is great too !

WJC, Houston, Texas JUne 16, 2014

I have been using your miracle cream for over 3 years now. It is great. My daughter has had injections in her back. Hoping to avoid surgery, and she has been using #6 tube. It calms the pain and she is also positive it is a miracle drug. We think NeoFlexcin is a wonderful skin care product. Youu may be interested to know that your cream is also an excellent moisturizer. I am currently checking to see if my local Walgreens sells it or can get it for us.

R.J. Orem, Utah

Oh my Gosh, the Neoflexcin really works great. I use it on my hips and what a miracle. I can’t sleep on my back, because of the problems with my chest so I sleep on my side. The problem has been that my hips hurt so much when I do that that I have to take something like Advil to get by the pain and even that doesn’t help much. The first time I tried it I was amazed how fast and how great it felt not to hurt. I can sleep now. I have never tried anything that works like this product it is well worth every penny and then some. Thank you so much.

G.T.P Los Angeles, Ca.

Just wanted to let you know that when I was trying to put my 94 year old father to bed the other night, he stumbled and hurt his ankle.The pain was so bad that he could not go to sleep, so I put some of your NeoFlexcin on his foot and ankle to see if that would help him. Guess what? "The sandman"came soon after I applied the NeoFlexcin. Great Product that NeoFlexcin.

Nene Viglione Emerald Isle, NC

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I have had a bad shoulder for a long time, and used to use the other products. they were all HOT & smelly, and did not last long. I just tried NeoFlexcin and my shoulder pain eased for hours! It is not as hot or smelly like other products, and works so much better!!

JHM, Hubert, North Carolina

I know your company doesn’t say that it can be used on sunburns, but I was desperate nothing I bought was helping with the pain. So I put the neoflexcin on and it worked. I am still amazed at how great this product is. I think it also helped me heal faster. It is also great for the pain in my joints.

S.R. Atlantic Beach, NC

NeoFlexcin, is great for pains. However, I want to share a very personal experience I just had using your product. MOst of my life has been spent going from doctor to doctor and buying expensive prescriptions that did not work for me. Neoflexcin is the first and only Product I have found to get rid of the scaling and bleeding, etc. I have chronic Hyperkeratosis (Cradle Cap)or psorisis on my head and in my hair that I have been battled for over 40 years and it's great for all kinds of other skin irritations too. I use it when I shower as a conditioner and will continue to use it from now on. It feels so great not having to wear my Hat all the time ! NO more itching and flaking! Thanks NeoFlexcin!

J.R. Pitzer, Morehead City, NC

It worked wonders on my hands and it even worked on my chest for a cold congestion. Bob, TN I thought I should write to inform you that your Arthritis relief cream (Neo Flexcin DR) certainly does its job. After tennis and golf, my hand joints and back used to ache for hours but with only one application the pain is virtually gone. With regular application, it now allows me to complete a full round of Golf or complete match of tennis without limping and hours of pain afterwards. Thanks for creating the product and I can assure you I will continue to use it for years to come.

Breck G.,Beaufort, N.C.

I have had a neck pain for months now. I have been trying to stop taking so many pills to control the pain. I started using NeoFlexcin and the pain has diminished greatly! Without taking pills.

Stan T. Herriman, UT

Having been in the healthcare field for 30+ years I have seen many topical products promising great results. Finally, a product compounded by a pharmacist with a unique blend of natural ingredients and the first that actually works! I use it for daily aches and pains,work-out muscle fatique, and to prevent leg cramps after a strenuous day of work. I use this product daily and you will be amazed by the sensation and more importantly the results. Thank-you NeoFlexcin.

Joe Maltese Rph, Gloucester, MA

I have Psoriatic arthritis. When I feel a Psoriasis breakout coming on, I grab the NeoFlexcin. Until now, I haven't been able to find a product to instantly relieve that under the skin itching that is impossible to scratch. When I apply NeoFlexin, the itching is immediately replaced by a cool burning feeling. You can really feel this stuff working and I don't feel any need to scratch the infected area. Thanks!

Rick Saunders, Denver, CO

Having suffered from pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, neoflexcin was one of the few things I could use for pain. Coupled with a wrist splint, it worked like a dream. Splint kept the fluid retention down and neoflexcin relieved the pain in my fingers and wrist. I seem to be allergic to everything I put on my skin. NeoFlexcin surprisingly did not irritate my skin at all. I highly reccommend this cream to anyone with joint pain.

A. Everett, Lakeland, FL

Just wanted to give a "high Five" on your NeoFlexcin Cream. I have bursitis in my hip and osteoarthritis in my hips and lower back so getting any quality sleep used to be a dream. A friend introduced me to your product about 2 months ago. I must admit it sounded to good to be true. All the other brands naming Pain Relief products that I have used in the past either burned me so bad I had to stop using them or they plain did not work. I purchased a tube of your NeoFlexcin and was very pleasantly surprised. I got fast comfortable relief and slept like a baby all night. After using it for about three weeks the pains have almost disappeared. However, I still use it every night and morning as you suggest. Its great!I know you don't advertise this,but I thought I would let you know that i have been using it on my hands and feet for dry and itchy skin. It is doing a marvelous job at softening and re-hydrating that to. I am amazed at how little it takes and how long it lasts as well. Thank you hat a great product!

Sharon G. Tampa, Florida