Faq - NeoFlexcin

How long has NeoFlexcen® been on the market?

NeoFlexcen® has been on the market since, September 2004, but the team that developed it have formulating similar products since 1995 and is responsible for the development of a Joint Flex product that is currently sold in most every retail outlet in the United States, and is listed in the top six most active product SK U's in the Retail and on line marketplaces.

Does NeoFlexcen® contain synthethic or petroleum by products?

No, NeoFlexcen® is created with natural ingredients. No Synthetics or Petroleum based products are allowed or utilized.

How often can NeoFlexcen be applied?

NeoFlexcen® may be applied as needed. NeoFlexcen® is one of the safest Pain relief solutions available on the market today. It can be used by anyone and as often as needed. There are no dosage restrictions or health risks associated with its use.

Is NeoFlexcen® greasy?

No, NeoFlexcen® Has a creamy silky feel. It absorbs quickly without any greasy feel, it will not stain clothes and the mild fresh scent vanishes quickly.