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Neoflexcin’s maximum pain-relieving advantages <br> are locked within our proprietary nano technology,<br> “Nutrea spheres” This nano spheres deliver natures<br> best essential oils and extracts to your skin in a<br> unique bioavailable form that is extremely<br> target friendly, and quickly absorbs to help<br> calm many types of pain.

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<h1 class="seo-class">Proprietary delivery system</h1> <p>Neoflexcin’s bioavailable delivery of Natures best symptom relieving Oils, Plant Extracts, and mycelium allows for fast absorption and deep utilization by The body in targeted painful areas. Nutrea Speres allow these pain-relieving ingredients to calm, and offer soothing, fast acting pain relief. These spheres are readily absorbed and delivery a myriad of useable health building enzymes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Proper Topical delivery in many cases promotes and even surpass the oral approach in relieving many types of pain symptoms. </p>

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NeoFlexcin uses a unique combination of <br>ingredients including Arnica, Omega 3 & 6<br> Fatty Acids that make it special.



Comes with a “Thru-Skin Delivery” technology<br> like Nutrea-spheres, NeoFlexcin promote<br> health at the cellular level

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NeoFlexcin® , provides relief of Pain and bio-active Nutrients to the source of the discomfort via its Patent Pending “Nutreazome/Nutrea Sphere” Trans Dermal Delivery System.

Greystone Labs utilizes Nano -Technology to optimize performance, effectiveness and to assure optimal results. NeoFlexcin may be applied as often as needed. NeoFlexcin® is one of the safest Pain relief solutions available on the market today. It can be used by anyone and as often as needed. There are no dosage restrictions or health risks associated with its use.